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Mohsen Boustani profile photo Mohsen Boustani MBA Handicraft Entrepreneurship and Branding.
Maral Alizadeh profile photo Maral Alizadeh MBA Architect.
Navid Mehdizadeh profile photo Navid Mehdizadeh MBA Executive Management in Construction Industry.
Atiye Hosseini profile photo Atiye Hosseini MBA Fashion Commerce Expert.
Guilana Hakemi profile photo Guilana Hakemi MBA Social Media Marketing Specialist.
Elahe Rezvani profile photo Elahe Rezvani MBA Spare Parts Pricing & Market Research Supervisor in the Automotive Industry.
Amir Mohammad Yektaei profile photo Amir Mohammad Yektaei MBA Cyber Security Analyst.
Mohammad Reza Moghimi Bidhandi Profile photo Mohammad Reza Moghimi Bidhandi MBA Creative Marketing Professional with Industrial Design Background.
Salar Hosseinali Profile photo Salar Hosseinali MBA Maritime Transportation Expert.
Mohammad Ali Tayefi Profile photo Mohammad Ali Tayefi MBA Skilled in Sales, Account Management, Marketing, Scrum, and Digital Marketing.
Mohammad R. Tayyebi profile photo Mohammad R. Tayyebi MBA Information Technology Management Expert.


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